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What's provided?

Carson's Catch Custom Charters has been meticulously curated to offer an exclusive escape from the usual tourist crowds, embarking on an exploration of pristine open waters teeming with the freshest catch. Commencing and concluding at a locally appointed lodge, Jack will oversee the provisioning of essential supplies, including ice for your harvested fish. Once your voyage commences from the dock, you will enjoy approximately 1.5 hours of uninterrupted sailing to position yourselves strategically for a bountiful fishing expedition. The migratory patterns of salmon are known to be diverse, making the discovery of feeding areas and bait concentrations pivotal to your fishing success.

What should you bring?

Aboard the Hitchiker, there exists generous storage capacity for each guest to bring a day pack. We kindly request that each participant arrives appropriately attired, donning long pants and waterproof boots, or suitable dry footwear, in conjunction with the layering of dry, insulated upper garments and a weather-resistant outer layer. To ensure comfort and preparedness, your personal bag should be equipped with an additional set of warm socks, an extra fleece or analogous upper layer, and a high-quality rain attire. Essential for your day of angling, you should also include a packed lunch, any prescribed medications, and requisite beverages.

Necessary Gear?

The weather in Alaska can change rapidly, so it's important to be prepared for a range of conditions. Consult with local fishing guides or tackle shops for specific recommendations based on the time of year and location you plan to fish.

mall fishing port in alaska


Should you have unique requisites, please don't hesitate to communicate directly with Jack via phone, text, or email, and he will earnestly strive to meet your individual needs. Post-charter, decisions pertaining to the division and processing of your catch are paramount. Cedar's Lodge will expertly process your harvested fish, undertaking flash freezing and vacuum sealing according to your specified preferences. The packaged result will be readied for expedited shipping in fish boxes to accompany you on your homeward journey. For these services, a credit card is necessary, and it is customary to have some cash available for the gratuity to your captain and potentially the dock crew.

What to expect on the day.

The climate in Ketchikan and its environs is notably unpredictable, making preparations for your outing paramount. While the summer months generally offer a semblance of serenity and dry spells, it is prudent to remain vigilant for potential rainfall and cooler temperatures. The fishing season under the stewardship of Jack spans from May to September, characterized by immersive experiences within an expansive rainforest setting. This remarkable locale occasionally ushers in wet and blustery days. Even under the veneer of a sunlit 75-degree day, the possibility of mildly turbulent weather persists. Particularly for those with limited maritime exposure, preemptive measures against seasickness are advisable. Consultation with your pharmacist to identify the most suitable medication for your personal needs is recommended to ensure a seamless and enjoyable excursion.

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